Uba (Milk Money) – DVD Dual-Audio

Video : H264 716×480 @ crf 20 (10-bit) CFR 23.976 fps
Audio 1: AC3 Japanese 48.0 KHz 192kbps
Audio 2: AC3 English 48.0 KHz 192kbps
Subtitle 1: English Advanced Substation Alpha DVD R1 Subtitles (Signs and Dialogue)
Subtitle 2: English Advanced Substation Alpha DVD R1 Subtitles (Signs Only)

And here’s the promised R18 Anime last time. What’s next? I think it’s that another R18 stuff I’ll be working on. It’s just one episode with no English subtitles available yet. And not a DVD-Rip this time, it’s gonna be just a shareraw media to be muxed with our english translation script.And oh, have you heard about a particular fansub group going pay2stream? I was kind of thinking about getting their stream OCR for their newer titles and muxing them with what I can encode myself from the DVDs.I’ve been thinking about doing it even before since they resorted to hardsubbing their supposedly fansub releases with their watermarks (like the other H fansub group) into an MP4 Container. I liked my media in MKV so I think it might work that way too.

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