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  • Anonymous

    thanks alot

  • raiden18

    Really thought that this was a Queen Bee show based on the animation, so I was really surprised when I saw “Seven” and “Pink Pineapple” in the credits. Liked the story and the ep either way so it doesn’t matter either way. A bit of a shame (and surprise) that it’s only one episode (according to AniDB), would have liked to have seen a continuation, but I guess it was a nice self contained story as is.

    Thanks for the ep.

    • Anonymous

      Oh it’s only 1 episode? That’s quite a shame. I thought this was quite refreshing and somewhat wholesome. And the animation and art style certainly hit my tastes.

    • anon123

      I initially also thought it was a Queen Bee production due to the character designs, and was already thinking “the animation is above par on this one”. With the exception of the blowjob scene, which was very obviously a sliding loop.

      With that said, this was a twist on the usual NTR plots, and ended up being very good as a result. As for the “penlight up my ass” line… those things can happen, I guess 😀

    • Anonymous

      You could always check where they did adapted it since the story is just one chapter all together.

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    Thank you for the upload!

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