Wagaya no Liliana-san The Animation — DVD LQ

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from hikiko123

It’s an Aoi Nagisa stuff produced by Seven and PinPai. I’m biased towards PinPai so I’ll say that it was a good watch. It also is a full-episode length so that’s a huge plus. Sure, there are some awkward frames here and there, but there are some cool perspectives in the scenes. And that Liliana voice reminds me so much of Mamiko Noto’s, which is a huge, huge plus.

I had to wait for hikiko123‘s raws before working on this that I ended up picking up and translating a 30-page H-manga, but that’s all worth it for a clean raw. I’ll go back to the said manga and edit it later, which I am slow at as of now since I never really had much experience with editing for scanslation as of now.

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  • Jetrix

    Thanks Tennouji.

  • Jetrix

    Hey Tennouji. If you don’t mind me asking, what software do you use to transcode your videos?

    • Tennouji

      When I do simple encodes, I go for GUIs like MeGUI since it has a built-in Avisynth and easy configs. Otherwise, I use a simple x264 CLI usually with avisynth. Pretty old-school, but it does the jobs most of the time.

  • Nguyễn Thiện

    Thanks. But Why dont have 1080p?

    • Tennouji

      We won’t at least until there comes a 1080p source from something like blu-ray. R2J DVDs are in 480p standard, so I use the shareraws with that resolution on new releases.

    • JewlZ

      Over on muchohentai.com then have a 1080p version, which surprised the hell outta me when I started downloading it. I don’t think it’s upscaled, but who knows…?

  • yuzuriha

    Ahhh Aoi Nagisa…
    I’m still enjoying her Sukebe Elf Mori sey character design…

  • Rakuen

    I actually bought the online 6000 bit stream and gave it to my server admin to crack but then he told me the thing was just ridiculous so then I proceeded to use my elgato and recorded it playing on my screen at 1080p 60fps… After ripping both their early releases last year they sort of … how would you say… upped their ante…

    • Tennouji

      Unless it’s produced like how SELFISH releases are, I doubt that those aren’t upscaled versions of what is available from the studio which currently put out a DVD release. Recording the screen in 1080p and 60fps doesn’t mean that it becomes that quality, it only makes the output something close to a camrip.

      Lastly, I will always decline to use watermaked sources from anywhere that primarily monetizes since I don’t watermark or do any non-reversible alterations my own releases. There isn’t any ill will about it from me, I consider the efforts I put in them as voluntary work so I’d only accept voluntary efforts from others as well. There are actually some people who voluntarily provided me unaltered videos/files from SELFISH published streams asking for nothing in return, and I appreciate them a lot.

  • Bob_LeeX

    Is there any reason why you always use hikiko123’s raw files?

    • Tennouji

      They’re usually early, and they are unaltered (no PoRO cuts, watermarks, etc.). If another provider will do a better job than hikiko123 without any strings attached, I’d gladly use their releases.

  • Nguyễn Thiện

    Tennouji, why dont you sub ending theme song?

  • Abel

    Thank you.
    Do you take hentai subbing request?

  • Sara Gobels

    You are seriously amazing. Happy shota hentai always warms my heart!!

    Thanks! ^_^

  • Poros

    Tennouji, Can you trans Rasen Kairou?
    I couldn’t find any English translation. (Google = Zero)
    Here, RAW 720p and China ASS files
    I hope….

  • Anonymous

    I knew it! you had an older post regarding Liliana-san! Thank you so much!

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