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  • Anonymous

    finally it dropped! There is so much hype for this one on Reddit… hope it leaves up to the hype! Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    wait…what scary face? Now my meat is scared to watch it.

    • Anonymous

      did you find it? I think Tennouji is reffering to the daughter’s face

    • anon123

      I thought this was about the extreme anteater face the wife does during the outdoors blowjob scene.

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or are this post and the previous one choppy?

  • raiden18

    Thanks, just saw this one and the one before as a T-Rex Saturday night double feature. lol

  • anon123

    Thanks for sharing! Consensual NTR/cuckolding/hotwifing/whatever you want to call it is not seen very often. He was pretty quick to disregard the contraception rule, though. Also, sexy tutoring ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Wonder if episode 2 will see sensei steal both girls. After all, the wife is a nympho and the daughter already broke her promise.

    • Anonymous

      i think its not that rare. Watch Tsuma ga Kirei and you’ll see it similarities.

      As for episode 2 if i base it on one of the people that played the game. He basically said its all the way NTR even in the 3 endings it had:
      A) He gets to steal both the wife and daughter (thats why in the end he plans to use her daughter)
      B) Husband gets to steal or have those two back becoming loyal to him
      C) A harem ending for both the husband and MC.

      Episode 1 didnt include why the daughter act like a nympho but i guess its reserved for episode 2.

    • anon123

      Tsuma ga Kirei had a husband that was distraught after discovering his wife’s affair, but eventually accepts it and things take off from there. Here, the husband wanted it from the beginning and asks for it before anything happens. Though I suppose that’s a minor difference since the end result is the same.

      In any case, neither title took the usual “here’s a picture of you peeing, I’ll post it everywhere unless you let me and these other ten guys gangbang you until you’re mindbroken into liking it” approach to NTR, which I’m personally grateful for (the first two episodes of Soredemo Tsuma wo Aishiteru 1 were exceptionally guilty of this).

      Thanks for the summary about the eroge’s endings. I think A or C are most likely, in that order.

  • Eka Nata Rama (@EKNTRM)

    it would be great if u could provide smaller size version…
    or only the subs so people like me that have small memory capacity could enjoy it…

    • Indonesian Weeb

      Normally these releases are of smaller size, as they are based on Hikiko123’s raws. But this release is based on Puffs raws: these raws are of higer quality = higher size.

      If you want smaller sized, try hanime 🙂

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