Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e — 01 DVD LQ

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from hikiko123

What can I say about this? Hmm, I like it, especially this loli elder. I went way beyond my sleeping hours today (which should be the tomorrow if I slept earlier) but I just have to get this done. And now here it is.

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  • Angelium

    Been waiting for this one. Thanks!

  • Jetrix

    Any chance you could upload the subtitle file only? I am in the process of remastering the episode using Waifu2x and it would be nice to have the subtitles while watching. I tried to extract the sub file but couldn’t manage to get it working.

    • Tennouji

      Uploading scripts + fonts on every releases would require additional work for me so I don’t usually do it. If you already have a copy of this release, you can use MKVcleaver to extract the Subtitle and Attachments(for font files).

    • Jetrix

      Perfect thanks. That’s what I needed. I used MKVtoolnix before to extract but the subs that extracted didn’t work, not sure why. I don’t know a lot about sub files. I’ll give MKVcleaver ago.

      If you want the remaster of this I can email you the mega link if you want. I can even send you a imgur link so you can see the difference. I also plan to upload to other sites like Hongfire.

    • DarkAngel2224

      What’s the difference about the remastered sir? Is It only the quality?

    • Jetrix

      Pretty much, I use Waifu2x to denoise and upscale the video to a higher resolution. It’s not perfect but I think it beats the original video quality.

      I posted the remastered video on Hongfire under the “Hentai DDL Links” section if you want to check it out.

  • Draco

    @DarkAngel2224 upscale = eye cancer

    • kucing

      I just saw the image comparison in HF, and it’s beautiful, not perfect, but just see it yourself.
      But the file is so big so I haven’t watched it yet.

  • anonymouse

    Thanks, this is surprisingly high quality in terms of art and animation though based on the game it seems the best stuff is in the next episode. I hope they release proper HD versions (if only at 720p) without SD upscaling since it looks like the art could handle it very well.

  • Gid_Lucion_Deviluke

    Many, many thanks for this. So hard to find hentai with softsubs.
    But now that I know this site, its not hard anymore.
    Plus I like your choice of hentai. Thanks again.

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