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  • Anonymous

    Well this is something I didn’t expect to see today, I thought they finished this like 2 years ago

    • Bryanis

      Ep 3… When Ep 2 was released in March 2018…. They sure take their sweet time.

      Well, still way better than game adaptation getting ep 1 and never getting the sequel ^^

  • Anonymous

    Thank You

  • yayaxyz

    • Anonymous

      My dream came true. It’s been many years waiting, but it’s finally happening!

      I will throw all of my money at this as hard as I can. Give me a super ultra deluxe special edition, I’ll grab that too!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! You can never have enough dark-skinned elf girls in your life!

  • Anonymous

    It’s finally here!

    Thanks, Tennouji!

  • raiden18

    I was surprised when I saw this had 2 more episodes on the way. It had been marked as completed after episode 2 on AniDB a long time ago. Guess it was revived for two more episodes, maybe due to popularity. Good ep, but it had this weird fuzzy halo effect around the borders. Thought I had a buggy download for a bit.

    One question though if someone can help me out here. Does anyone know of a simple way to “bake” in the subs in the video and convert to an MP4? I download the hardsubs to my phone from (OP used to provide links to there, that’s how I learned of that site). Then I cast the ep to my TV using BubbleUPNP. Haho has hardsubbed MP4’s, but in 360p. If OP is going to sub 720p rips when available, I’d to watch those if possible, and I’m not expecting OP to do my work for me. Works great, but my TV can’t handle the styling in the soft subs that OP provides, not supported. Is there a way to convert to MP4 and hardsubs on Android or on Linux? I have an old laptop with Ubuntu that is like 10+ years old that I mainly use for web browsing, I mostly just use my phone and tablet for everything else. If I can’t get it to work, it’s no problem. I screen mirrored this one from the phone and it seemed to work ok, but the sound seemed hollow. Screen mirroring actually worked a lot better than I thought it would. Thanks to OP for the ep, and thanks to anyone in advance that can help me out.

  • Viren21

    Its really rare for BW to continue a series unless its popular (same with Aku no Ona Kanbu) or any other reason that i’m curious to know about. Its not that surprising because most of the studio works are from the visual novel company Lune like the Kyonyuu series of games that BW release monthly or yearly. I really want to know if there is any relation/collaboration or any partnership that they have.

    I guess its fortunate for the audience that the visual novel will have its english release but don’t be excited yet since the medium is pretty niche it will take about a half a year + just to translate, encode, and QC a visual novel. Well it all depends on the publisher’s priority of what title to be released but here’s hoping that they should self-publish the game like what Frontwing did to their Grisaia series.
    The only official publishers they could choose from as i know, are only MangaGamer and Sekai Project.

    • Anonymous

      I believe Mangagamer and Lune were in talks before this to translate/distribute Youkoso Sukebe Elf no Mori e, so they’re probably the ones handling it. It also topped (or nearly topped) a lot of the surveys they put out over the last few years, so they know the demand is there.

      If it is through them, I hope they release it as a hard copy (either at release or after), preferably with a wallscroll/tapestry/etc. edition. I’d gladly purchase it.

    • Anonymous

      thats good if its MG then.

      I guess its the same process again with the kickstarter or patreon if they self-publish it with levels of rewards. Those tapestry or wallscroll you want are available i do think only on Getchu and probably any other 18+ online stores. i do think they have those blonde dark elf wallscroll while she’s in a wedding outfit.

  • Anonymous

    Ummmm why is the anidb entry for Ane wa Yanmama Junyuu-chuu showing 2 episodes completed by sakuracircle? Im eagerly waiting for your release…..

  • anon123

    Thank you! Was surprised to see a new pair of episodes announced two years later, and highly looking forward to watching them.

    Been a busy last couple of weeks, time to catch up with all those new releases!

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