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  • Anonymous

    That’s Hot!

  • Indonesian Weeb

    Yack Deculture

  • raiden18

    Thanks for the porn.

    Thought this one was really good, really well done. Shame it will most likely only be 2 episodes like all other T-Rex releases. Fingers crossed for more than 2…

    • anon123

      Joshi Luck is another one that deserves more than two episodes. But unlike with most eroge adaptations, the source material is translated so we can know what we’re missing!

  • Anonymous

    Someone needs to give T-Rex a higher budget. Their artdesign and animations are very good but these ~15 minute episodes are way to short and totally rushed. I miss the good old 25 minute episodes.

  • anon123

    Thanks for sharing! T-Rex stuff is always top-notch. Somehow I’d missed Saimin Seishidou, so I grabbed that too.

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