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  • Anonymous

    Ooi!, Where’s Elise?

  • Nakadashi Sensei (@NakadashiSensei)

    Before pressing Play –

    I’d look up the word ‘Hermaphrodite’ before watching this episode. I’ve watched this form of adult entertainment for a very long time, and no matter what, not everything is for everyone.

    Don’t want anyone looking for SakuraCircle afterwards. He’s doing diligence and superb work for the culture.

    • anon123

      I’m not big into futa, but they’re not an automatic turn off either. My biggest gripe with Nina’s scene was the sounding (urethra penetration), that seems like it would be super painful in real life :/

      In any case, the scene with Mari and Yuri remains my favorite. A threesome with mind-linked twin demon girls is as good as it sounds.

  • Anonymous

    Yep another cute dickgirl or futanari or hermaprodhite or whatever you call her kind

  • raiden18

    First episode better than the second, but still a real good series. Shame there’s no more, the usual 2 episode T-Rex release.

  • anon123

    Thanks! I loved the first one. The character designs, animation and overall sexiness are very good.

    I really hope we get an episode 3 and that ending wasn’t a plug for people to buy the eroge, but I am likely asking for too much 🙁

  • Bryanis

    Game’s version is out in english / jap / chinese on steam (name : hosue of mystic courtesan) if someone is interested by the new.

    • anon123

      Thanks for the tip! I’d read on VNDB that the eroge would get an official English release but didn’t think it would happen fairly quickly, especially considering it appears to be a one-man project.

      In any case, let’s see what was missing from the OVAs… 🙂

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