Hime-sama Love Life! — 02 DVD LQ

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from hikiko123

This one seemed to have no title and intro text. I’m not sure if hikiko123 decided to cut them out or if they’re non-existent at all. I’d prefer releasing this as complete as possible so if it’s the former, I’d definitely try to get the full version.

I personally find the intro text as a bother to work on. But I’d still want it there if it exists, since the video will be an incomplete version otherwise.

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  • Kucing

    But I’d still want it there if it exists.
    Thanks for being completionist or whatever it’s called.
    Rare to find people like that.

  • mega94

    It would be surprising if there were no intro text on a single episode of PoRO Petit since the 3rd ep. of Yarimakuri… I think hihiko cut it, either voluntarily or by lazily, or A1C didn’t insert it, because the synopsis would have been the same. We see it in some eps like Eris, there’s only the last page that really changes, placing the last events. That said, we still have an introductory text for the 2nd episode of Soshite.

  • Oira

    Possibly it got cut out of PoRO releases and only nur will have them now. Only reason how nur is different to PoRO.

  • anon123

    Thanks for uploading, was waiting for this one. The eroge it’s based on has several heroines, including the MC’s little sister, but it seems this adaptation only focuses on Yahiro, Maika and Sakuno. Though there’s a “to be continued” at the end, so who knows.

    As for the intro text, I’d be surprised if PoRO actually skipped it, it makes for good filler after all.

  • Mizuhashi Yusuke


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