Soshite Watashi wa Ojisan ni… — 02 DVD LQ

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from hikiko123

Pretty neat episode. Since nür doesn’t have any previews or info about the third episode as of this time and it’s also an original series, I’d love to play a little guessing game on what might happen next. Here are some of my own ideas/wishlist:

  • A yuri scene with any or all of the three: Mika, Nanami, Sakura (I’d prefer it if it’s an all-female sleepover scene, though I don’t mind Shouhei joining in midway)
  • Nanami being coerced by Sakura to do it with the teacher (for maximum depression NTR route on Shouhei)
  • Sakura being coerced by Nanami to do it with her father (full incest route)
  • Shouhei laying his hands on Kanako (oyakodon route)
  • Kanako catching the two, and getting angry at Shouhei, revealing that Nanami is actually his son on her (hardcore drama)
  • An orgy of two old men with their girls (still good, and it’s the peak of depravity)
  • Just a backstory on Sakura‘s side (the most typical but still interesting take)
  • Misaki showing up (anything would do, maybe catching Shouhei and Nanami, or the two having at it with Misaki in close proximity for the thrill)

Any of these happening would be pretty cool. I like how the story went on so far so I’m looking forward to how it will go on.

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  • Feras Al Harbi

    I would choose the NTR route, just because the father doesn’t follow the path of the gentleman (shuzaku)

  • Falx

    Maybe a flashback of the teacher popping Sakura’s cherry. It would be nice to explain, Sakura seems to start having sex later than Nanami, but she is already that way … or the teacher is really good, or he is using the traditional addictive aphrodisiac spray or something like that …

    But I think the NTR path is possible, judging by the message Sakura sent to Nanami. If the teacher really use the spray, it can go full NTR including the mothers, the serie seems to focus on JKs though …

    Or maybe Nanami comforts the father, and later he decides to punish Sakura. Or the father go crazy defeat the teacher, using his IT skills, and get all the girls, revenge for Sakura’s virginity.

  • Wannawanna

    Someone have link to manga?

  • Kucing

    Their breasts size mismatched with intro text.

  • gaigous

    We really need more Yuri orgies in hentai, or at least a futanari with a harem.

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